Let’s Have a Merry Christmas Giveaway with Jack Skellington!

Giveaway: Hand Painted Nightmare Before Christmas Wood Box Featuring Jack Skellington! December 1st-6th, 2013.

Hi Everyone!

It’s that time of year again! T’is the season for giving! I’d like to give away this Nightmare Before Christmas box I painted featuring Jack Skellington on it. Free box and free shipping anywhere in the United States. If you live internationally, all I ask you help pay for the extra shipping fees involved in this transaction.

From December 1st through December 6th, this giveaway will be happening. You may enter once a day for all six days. That means SIX chances to enter into this giveaway.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: All I ask is that you do two things (each time you enter):

1. Share this post on any social media site, such as Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Twitter. You may use the SHARE button at the top of this post.

2. Write in the comments section WHERE you shared this Giveaway (in other words, WHICH social media site you shared it on). If there is no indication of where you shared it on the comments, your entry is null and void. Saying that you are “interested” in this Giveaway does not qualify for an entry.

I do not store your email for spamming your inbox. Your email is strictly used for contacting you if you should win this giveaway. If you are interested in learning more about my artwork, and to receive inspirational posts and other featured artists and personal projects, you are more than welcome to subscribe by email at the top of this website.

The winner is picked by using the website “random.org”, so by entering once a day all six days (which means six chances),  it gives you the advantage of having your name picked by the system.

This item is truly one of a kind. I have no others like it. To check out other Nightmare Before Christmas items for sale though, you can do a search on this site or you can click on this link that will take you to my ETSY shop.

Here is the Giveaway Prize!

Nightmare Before Christmas Giveaway: Jack Skellington on a Wood Box!

Nightmare Before Christmas Giveaway: Jack Skellington on a Wood Box!

Nightmare Before Christmas Giveaway: Jack Skellington on a Wood Box!

Nightmare Before Christmas Giveaway: Jack on a Wood Box!

Merry Christmas Everyone!! If you have any questions, you may leave them in the comments section on this blog post.

Ann Lihl

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24 Responses to “Let’s Have a Merry Christmas Giveaway with Jack Skellington!”

  1. kortney nelson says:

    I am definitely interested in this giveaway and I am for sure sharing on all three, but here is my link to my pinterest pin. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/295126581802734462/

  2. Rich says:

    Facebook shared.

  3. ronney podskalan says:

    i am interested in this beautiful creation … who ever receives this art object will be blessed … <3

  4. Dawn McMillin says:

    Beautiful Job Ann! shared on FB :)

  5. Gidget Krugel says:

    Ann does amazing work! Truly honored to have anything she has made. Will be sharing on FB.

  6. Gidget Krugel says:

    Beautiful….sharing on FB

  7. Roni says:

    Nightmare before christmas is a favorite of mine.

  8. Love you work. Wish we still had classes. Miss all the good times we had.

    Keep up the good work your be famous one day

    Your friend Lex

  9. Greetings Ann I shared your site on Facebook and I am really excited about this giveaway. Namaste !!!

  10. Sue Bird says:

    Shared on Facebook and would love to win this box!!

  11. Gidget Krugel says:

    Beautiful work…..pick me! Pick me!

  12. Gidget Krugel says:

    Oops….forgot….shared on FB

  13. April Gordon says:

    I shared this on my facebook page. It is so cute Ann.

  14. Gidget Krugel says:

    Day 3 shared on FB

  15. ronney podskalan says:

    an original artwork creation … very beautiful and too cool …

  16. ronney podskalan says:

    i’m very very very interested … <3

  17. Gidget Krugel says:

    Day 4 … on FB…..I love it

  18. Gidget Krugel says:

    Day 5 on FB…….come on….I love it…pick me

  19. rocky reuter says:

    this is really cool, you did a killer job with it. while. i would love to get this as a gift for my friend adrienne. she’s a jcak freak and is always wearing a hat with him on it. great job. ~peace~

  20. cathy ostema says:

    I’m sharing this on Facebook. I love it! And my granddaughter is a Tim Burton fan!

  21. V. says:

    sharing on FB and thank you.

  22. Gidget Krugel says:

    Last day….last chance…..shared on FB……please pick me!!!

  23. Rita Reedy says:

    I shared on Facebook and Twitter!

  24. Love the local artist. It is so precious to have a one of a kind piece of art. And even better if you know the artist.